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A current edition of the Idaho Direct Savings Guide is unavailable at this time.

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  1. Edy Walton

    We have been buying this book for years now. We love it for just the two of us. It pays off immediately on the first purchase. (Depends on what you buy). This year the boys we bought from are no longer doing it. My husband decided to check it out online. He ordered one for us & got it the next day. AWESOME !!!! So I thought this will make a great X’mas present. So I am buying 5 more.

    • AnnMarie Murdock

      Thank you for supporting local businesses such as ours!

  2. Sonia p pedraza

    I got it from Jefferson school from my son

    • AnnMarie Murdock

      Thank you for supporting the school fundraiser!

  3. Sonia p pedraza

    But I have to get checks

  4. Matt

    The app for this coupon book is terribly slow, and does not connect the detail discount information to the map details. This is making it very hard to use.

    • AnnMarie Murdock

      Thank you for letting us know. I am currently having our app guy look into it. Hopefully we can get it fixed soon. Thank for your help and patience as we try to figure out the problem!

    • AnnMarie Murdock

      We finally figured out what is wrong! It should be working now. Thank you for your help!

  5. Krystal

    the website and app are not showing any information for what discounts are offered with the purchase. Can you update please? Otherwise, great value and fundraiser. Thanks!

    • AnnMarie Murdock

      Krystal-Thank you for your feedback. It’s always a struggle to get the website and app up-to-date all at once. We are currently working on them and appreciate your patience. They should be up and going in the next few days! Thank you for supporting local businesses and fundraisers.

  6. Nan

    Hi,great idea and I would love to purchase one of your books/ cards from a darling little second grader who is a heck of a salesman…however, I can’t see anything on here that tells what businesses it will have offers for.

    • AnnMarie Murdock

      Nan–We are currently working on the website and app and will have it up and running next week. Thank you for your patience and supporting the local schools!!

  7. Marsha Stark

    Bought because I was sold on the App feature. The Android app is terrible! All the pin dots are the same color for dining, golf, and fun and it resets the map every time I select something. It would be nice if you could search by city, since they are separated that way in the book. But the app shows ALL offers included in the book all the time when selected “near me”. It would be nice if the app could use the location feature and show places within say 10 miles, 5 miles, esc. I wanted to see what was available in IF when I was there over the weekend, but the app took too long to find out any info, I ended up going somewhere that was close and not in the book.

    • AnnMarie Murdock

      Marsha–Thank you for your feedback. I personally have an iPhone, so I’m not able to check our app on the Android as often. Let me see what’s going on. On my iPhone, I’m able to enable my location, and it pulls up things that are near me. It sounds like with the Android, this is not the case. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll try my best to get it fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

  8. Nicole

    We love this card. We get one every year and it more than pays for itself. Worth every penny! We have used both the booklet that comes with the card that lists every deal as well as the app. We have never had trouble with the app, it has always worked great. But, that really doesn’t change how this should be rated. The card is what ratings should be based on and it is definitely a 5 star value.

  9. Mandy Bacon

    Love this card it’s amazing I think u should make it renew able if it hasn’t been all used up

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