Over $130,000 given to Eastern Idaho Schools, Teams, & Fundraising Groups in 2018!

Locally Owned and Operated

Idaho Direct has served Eastern Idaho for 7 years. We are a community based business. Our long-standing reputation to provide value for our customers and clients helps keep us going.

Huge Profits

Fundraisers keep HALF of the money. On average, schools make $3,750!

All Done on Consignment

When raising funds with Idaho Direct, there is no up front money required (only pay for what you sell).

Easy to Sell

Books sell for $25, and they include more than 70 Restaurants (all Buy One Get One FREE) as well as 19 golf courses, entertainment, and so much more!

Everyone Benefits

Idaho Direct is a company that brings the merchants, customers, fundraising groups and community together for mutual benefit.

Start selling as soon as today! Give us a call at 435-628-3770