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Contributing to the Community

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Blackfoot 6th Grade-Blackfoot
Blackfoot High School Volleyball-Blackfoot
Bridgewater Elementary-Ammon
Cloverdale Elementary-Idaho Falls
Dance Fusion-Menan
Eagle Rock Dance-Ammon
Edahow Elementary-Pocatello
Franklin Middle School-Pocatello
Groveland Elementary-Blackfoot
Hawthorne Cheerleaders-Pocatello
Irving Middle School Girl's Basketball-Pocatello
ISU Children's Choir-Pocatello
Jefferson Elementary-Pocatello
Jill Searle School of Dance-Shelley
Klass Act Ballroom Dance-Idaho Falls
Lighthouse Montessori School-Ammon
Moreland Elementary-Blackfoot
Pocatello Community Charter School
Pocatello High School Volleyball-Pocatello
Relay for Life-Blackfoot
Rigby Clogging Group-Rigby
Rigby Middle School-Rigby
Rocky Mt. Middle School Honors Classes-Idaho Falls
Sand Creek Middle School Band-Ammon
Skyline High School Year Book-Idaho Falls
Snake River Jr. High School-Blackfoot
South Fremont Jr. High-St. Anthony
Stalker Elementary-Blackfoot
Stoddard Elementary-Blackfoot
Vogue Dance Company-Idaho Falls
Washington Elementary-Pocatello


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